The Brigadier is Singer, Songwriter and Producer Matt Williams, who has received critical acclaim for his intimate live shows and timeless pop songs. Having established a dedicated online following; Creation & Poptones boss Alan McGee offered The Brigadier his debut solo gig at his Death Disco night in Notting Hill, London.

Increasing exposure led to the release of debut album 'View from the Bath'. This was followed by the release of a further three albums and four seasonal themed EPs to great acclaim. After a brief hiatus of DIY and family starting, he returned in 2013 with 'Suburban Incubation'.

The Brigadier has enjoyed radio coverage (Including BBC Radio 1, BBC Radio Wales, BBC Devon and BBC Southern Counties) in the UK, USA and Europe, as well as magazine coverage. He has done a couple of BBC live sessions and interviews and has completed a number of soundtrack commissions. He is also featured on Roxy Music and Squeeze tribute albums released by Burning Sky Records.



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'View from the bath' album 2007

'6 Christmas tales...' EP 2007

'The Rise & Fall of Responsibility' album 2008

'Rhymes for Rainy Days' EP 2008

'Time is a wound' album 2009

'The Edge of Spring' EP 2010

'The Secret of no Success' album 2010

'Holiday Special' EP 2011

'Suburban Incubation' album 2013


Other appearances

'Kitty Kitten Kristmas' EP by Kingem records. One track 'M.I.S.T.L.E.T.O.E.'

'U.N.DISCO' EP by Kingem records. One track 'Church of Sound'

'Plato's Summer stars' EP by Kingem records. One track 'All my summer dreams'

'Take Refuge in Pleasure' Roxy Music tribute album by Burning Sky Records. One track 'Just like you'

'If I...If I...If I...' Squeeze tribute album by Burning Sky Records. One track 'There's no tomorrow'


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