'Wash away the day' out now!

New album coming very soon


Happy to say that a brand new album will be released probably in June. 'Wash away the day' will contain 13 new songs including a few that have been put up on soundcloud recently. more details to follow.


Happy New Year, New song up on Soundcloud

New music coming soon

Hello there I am working on some new music, will update as soon as something happens! Cheers Matt

New album out now

Hello there, I'm pleased to announce after a bit of time off I have a new album out 'Suburban Incubation', you can listen to it on the music page and there are links to buy on the shop page...

New music

I'm pleased to announce that i've got some new music coming and the first song 'Do you want me too' from my forthcoming 5th album is now up to listen to on Facebook, Soundcloud and Reverbnation (links on the 'Links' page), please give it a listen if you have a moment... I'm also now on Twitter, so please join me there if you like, the address is; https://twitter.com/#!/BrigadierMatt That's about it for now, more updates will come if anything happens...!

New EP out now!

Hello, i'm pleased to say that my new EP 'Holiday Special' is now out for order on CD from this site - other places (itunes etc) to follow soon!

Brigadier Radio show!

I'm very excited to announce that a whole hour of my music (including my new EP) will be played this coming Sunday 15th May on Scrub Radio (winner of the best internet Radio Station). The show will be 'The Eclectric Chair' and will be on at 3-4pm (British Summertime) or 10-11am (Eastern Daylight Time) and is at - http://www.scrubradio.com/ Please tune in if you can! Also, two new tracks available to listen to on my Facebook music player - 'Swansong' and 'Time to go home'

Coming soon!

Been taking it easy for a few months but new music is coming soon!

Great reviews

Thanks to all who have been getting the new album, the feedback has been really great and have had some very positive reviews, check out 'Secret of no Success' on the reviews page...

New album out now!

Hello I am very pleased to announce that the new album 'The Secret of no Success' is now out to buy on CD from this website, please click on 'Shop' to have a look and 'Music' to preview the tracks... The album contains 13 new songs including 'Let me impress you', 'Just a little kiss miss Busy' and 'Doing the 9 to 5' recently put on myspace. It will also be out shortly via the usual download sites - itunes etc..and will send out updates when it is available through them. Anyway, I wish to thank everyone for their continued support and hope you like the new album! Cheers Matt


Just to say that I have a new song up on my myspace and Facebook page, it's called 'Let me impress you', please have a listen on there, you will find the links on 'links'... Also, my myspace page has had a bit of a revamp recently so please check that out plus there is artwork up for the new album 'The Secret of no Success', this will hopefully be out at the beginning of November! Cheers Matt

Brigadier gets covered and newe song on Italian EP!

Hope you are enjoying the summer days at the moment.... Thanks for all the lovely feedback about the new material, the new album 'The Secret of no Success' will be out in the Autumn and yes it will be on CD to those who asked! Other interesting things that have been happening is that a great cover of my song 'The Melancholy Days' has been recorded by the ultra-talented Jeff Boller AKA 'The Simple Carnival', if you're not familiar with his work then check it out here; http://www.simplecarnival.com/ Where you can also listen to and download his rendition of 'The Melancholy Days'. There is also a link to Jeffs myspace and Facebook too! Other exciting news is that a new track of mine 'Church of Sound' is on a 'Neo Italo' EP put out by the Italian label Kingem records. The EP is a tribute to early 1980s European electro dance pop and indeed that is what I tried to go for...The whole EP is full of real great hi-energy pop and you can listen to 'Church of Sound' and a few others here; http://www.myspace.com/kingemrecords and download it from itunes here; http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/u-n-disco/id387737491 Anyway, thanks again for being a fan!

Update, Squeeze, itunes etc..

I'm pleased to announce that I've got a track coming out on a Squeeze tribute album from Burning Sky Records, covering 'There's no tomorrow' - not sure when it will be out but I will reveal as soon as I know more...! Thanks to those who have bought the new EP 'The Edge of Spring', unfortuneately due to administrative error on my part it has been delayed going onto itunes as I put the release date to be 10/2 meaning 10th February (in the UK) but in the US of course who do my processing that means 2nd October!! Suffice to say i've now sorted it out and it is now on itunes to purchase if you wish (with a release date of October!), it is also downloadable from CD Baby and Amazon - links on the Buy/Discography page. With regard to the downloading only 'experiment' for Edge of Spring, it was flawed as more people wanted CDs than downloads! - so with that in mind I have had some more pressed up and they are available to buy as normal in the Buy/Discography page on this site. Work is underway on the new Brigadier album which hopefully be out in the Autumn - will post up new tracks soon!!

New EP out now!

My new download EP 'The Edge of Spring' is now out, samples and lyrics on the 'Music/Videos/Lyrics' page, and a link to buy on the 'Buy/Discography' page!

Nice writeup on the BBC

There's a nice writeup on the BBC website about me here; http://news.bbc.co.uk/local/devon/hi/people_and_places/music/newsid_8353000/8353226.stm This is also reproduced in the 'Miscellaneous articles' in the Press/reviews section.

On BBC Radio this Monday!

Hello there, will be on BBC Radio this Monday 16th November doing 3 songs in session and an interview. You can listen here; http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/playlive/bbc_radio_devon/ Southwest PL

Great reviews

Thanks to everyone who's been buying the new album, it has had some great reviews which are now on the reviews page with links to the original sites! The new album is also now up on itunes, CD Baby and Kool Kat musik, links are all on the Buy/discography page!

New album out now!

Hello there I am very pleased to announce that my new (3rd) album ‘Time is a Wound’ is now available to buy! The CD contains the following 13 tracks; 1. I’m gonna make you mine Missy 2. Oh, Paddington 3. Why don’t you love me? 4. Wrong by you 5. Traditional lovesong 6. Ode to Escape 7. Purnells Farm 8. Time is a Wound 9. Jobseeker 10. Something good 11. Watch me cry 12. (I like) The look of you 13. The Insomnia At the moment, it’s only available through me via paypal on this site or my myspace page, but in the next few weeks will be made available through CD Baby, Kool Kat, Not Lame, itunes, Napster etc.. as soon as I know about those I will send updates. There will be reviews coming out in the next few weeks so will send updates whenever I am aware of them. There are samples of songs on the music page. Additionally, my first album and 2 Eps are now available to download through Amazon.co.uk as well as Amazon.com! Anyway, hope you like the album! Cheers Matt

New album!

Hello, the new album 'Time is a Wound' will be out in the next week or two, will send another update when it is done so!

It's March!

Well not much has been happening really, it was the winter and it was cold, but there's a couple of new songs up on my myspace page from the forthcoming new album!

New EP now on itunes!

I'm pleased to say that the new EP 'Rhymes for rainy days' is now out on itunes, Kool Kat music and Not Lame recordings, links on the 'For sale' page!

New EP out today!

I'm pleased to announce that the new EP 'Rhymes for Rainy' days is now out! There are links to buy on the 'For sale' page and tracks can be previewed on the 'Music/Videos/Lyrics' page. There are also reviews on the 'Press/Reviews' page!


There are now some youtube videos up at http://www.youtube.com/user/TheBrigadiermusic . New EP out soon!

The Brigadier on Facebook!

There's now a Facebook page, please visit here; http://www.new.facebook.com/pages/The-Brigadier/37988901969 and a Last FM Page here; http://www.last.fm/music/The+Brigadier

Now on itunes!

The new album which has been receiving some great feedback and reviews is now on itunes, plus Kool Kat Musik and Not Lame! See the 'For sale' page for links!

New Album out today!

At last the new album is released, find out all about it on myspace or with the links on the 'For Sale' page, reviews will also be put up as they come in!

New album out soon!

Been very busy doing all recording and admin stuff recently, but new album will be out very soon!

New Free download!

As it's Valentines day again tomorrow I wrote a little song called 'Be my Valentine...?' which is free to download off the 'Sounds' page!!

BBC Live session!

I did a live BBC session last night, there were a few technical hitches but in the end it went pretty smoothly!

BBC Radio 1!!!

I got played tonight on BBC Radio 1!! As part of their 'Introducing' series!! All very exciting stuff!

BBC Radio Wales!!

Got played on Adam Waltons show tonight on my native BBC Radio Wales!!

BBC Southern Counties!!

Got 'Some sort of Magic' played on the local BBC radio tonight on Phil Jacksons 'South Live' programme, very excited!! The demo panel really liked it!


The EP is doing well and is now up on itunes, see the 'For sale' section for a link! Thanks also to everyone who's bought it so far!

Xmas EP out!

The new Xmas EP was released over the weekend and already seems to be doing well! Thanks to all who've got it!

Christmas album

The new mini-Christmas album '6 Christmas tales' is almost completed, will be up for sale soon!

Brighton Live!

Just played in the Brighton live festival at the Golden Cannon, great gig!


I had a nice holiday in Sweden, I ate cheese, bread, rice and many tomatoes.


Downloads are now here! Each song can be downloaded for the amazing price of just 60 pence!! There's also some free ones too!

The Brigadier on Reverb Radio

Played on Jimmy Raffs show tonight on local Brighton station - Radio Reverb. Always superlative to hear oneself on the wireless... June 1st 2007


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