Brigadier gets covered and newe song on Italian EP!

Hope you are enjoying the summer days at the moment.... Thanks for all the lovely feedback about the new material, the new album 'The Secret of no Success' will be out in the Autumn and yes it will be on CD to those who asked! Other interesting things that have been happening is that a great cover of my song 'The Melancholy Days' has been recorded by the ultra-talented Jeff Boller AKA 'The Simple Carnival', if you're not familiar with his work then check it out here; Where you can also listen to and download his rendition of 'The Melancholy Days'. There is also a link to Jeffs myspace and Facebook too! Other exciting news is that a new track of mine 'Church of Sound' is on a 'Neo Italo' EP put out by the Italian label Kingem records. The EP is a tribute to early 1980s European electro dance pop and indeed that is what I tried to go for...The whole EP is full of real great hi-energy pop and you can listen to 'Church of Sound' and a few others here; and download it from itunes here; Anyway, thanks again for being a fan!