New album out now!

Hello there I am very pleased to announce that my new (3rd) album ‘Time is a Wound’ is now available to buy! The CD contains the following 13 tracks; 1. I’m gonna make you mine Missy 2. Oh, Paddington 3. Why don’t you love me? 4. Wrong by you 5. Traditional lovesong 6. Ode to Escape 7. Purnells Farm 8. Time is a Wound 9. Jobseeker 10. Something good 11. Watch me cry 12. (I like) The look of you 13. The Insomnia At the moment, it’s only available through me via paypal on this site or my myspace page, but in the next few weeks will be made available through CD Baby, Kool Kat, Not Lame, itunes, Napster etc.. as soon as I know about those I will send updates. There will be reviews coming out in the next few weeks so will send updates whenever I am aware of them. There are samples of songs on the music page. Additionally, my first album and 2 Eps are now available to download through as well as! Anyway, hope you like the album! Cheers Matt