Update, Squeeze, itunes etc..

I'm pleased to announce that I've got a track coming out on a Squeeze tribute album from Burning Sky Records, covering 'There's no tomorrow' - not sure when it will be out but I will reveal as soon as I know more...! Thanks to those who have bought the new EP 'The Edge of Spring', unfortuneately due to administrative error on my part it has been delayed going onto itunes as I put the release date to be 10/2 meaning 10th February (in the UK) but in the US of course who do my processing that means 2nd October!! Suffice to say i've now sorted it out and it is now on itunes to purchase if you wish (with a release date of October!), it is also downloadable from CD Baby and Amazon - links on the Buy/Discography page. With regard to the downloading only 'experiment' for Edge of Spring, it was flawed as more people wanted CDs than downloads! - so with that in mind I have had some more pressed up and they are available to buy as normal in the Buy/Discography page on this site. Work is underway on the new Brigadier album which hopefully be out in the Autumn - will post up new tracks soon!!